I know of a good Italian restaurant.

I wish you every happiness.

You look a sorry sight.

We're both named Part.

This is but a humble downtown store.

I'm not going to talk to Slartibartfast about this.

Can we go?

Word processors for use with Japanese include Microsoft Word and JustSystem's Ichitaro.

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The news of his sudden death astounded me.

I don't care for that sort of thing.

They charge too much for parking.

I shouldn't have asked.

Clyde will be back shortly.

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His baby can walk.

I'm supposed to do everything by myself.

Allan is smarter than anyone else here.

My folks used to tell me stories about that.

Debbie's husband always helps with the grocery shopping because she finds walking difficult.


Pray without ceasing.

Yesterday I hit on a good idea.

A committee was constituted to investigate prices.

Morgan kept digging.

Let's face it: this sentence is simply bad.

Thank you so much for the help.

Give me a boost.


Mr. Kaifu is used to making speeches in public.

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I added this website to my favorites.

He could not buy the stereo set at such a price.

I have many games for the Xbox.

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This doesn't burn.

Do you like baseball, Bin?

He's not a very meticulous guy.

She is capable of teaching both English and French.

The necklace is cheap at a hundred dollars.


Tovah didn't recognize anyone in the room.

Who asked her to come?

I just don't think I can.


If the hay caught fire, it would be a real disaster.

I'm gonna be in my room.

It's very unusual for you and Sanjib to disagree.


You're my only friend in Boston.

I can't believe them.

Nanda wished he had had the courage to jump into the river and save the baby that had fallen in.

The bluebird carries the sky on his back.

I can't let you give me your last ten dollars.

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We have to formulate a plan if we are to save her!

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I think you're being a little hard on him.

The money seems to have run out.

You can have three guesses.

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You should be careful in choosing friends.

I've already called.

I go to sleep at seven in the morning every Sunday.

I didn't know you were back.

I'll go get her.

I'm happy Celia is telling the truth.

He saw the boy jump over the fence and run away.


I am full of doubt.


Stephe needs something.

Who did it?

I'd really like that.

Is there room for me in your car?

I'm going to join a demonstration.

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Please pack the disks and hard copies into the briefcase.

She cremated him against his wishes.

All of us surely make mistakes, don't we?

I think you must be tired.

He could face a ten-year prison term.


I got paid today.

A strong wind was blowing.

Vic looks embarrassed.

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Do you want to see our English lesson?

This antique clock is worth one thousand dollars.

I would very much like to go.


The revolution is over.


I study French.

That shouldn't be possible.

It is true that he did his best, but he was not careful enough.

He lied about the matter.

Do you have any brothers?


How many samples, for example?


Lievaart doesn't doubt but that Ned will come to the party.

The performers danced whilst singing - they performed extremely well.

If I'd known Vistlik was in Boston, I'd have tried to visit him.

To make a long story short, we buried the hatchet.

Nobody tried to help them.

We were all a little sleepy.

I am scolding my students, not yours.

John was not at home, as is often the case with him.

His success resulted from hard work.

I don't think they dislike me.

They were adopted.

Don't forget to pay the rent.

I can't believe you did that!


Have you ever argued with your parents?

He decided to take the day off.

I just assumed that was the reason.

We should have taken the schedule into consideration.

I am laughing at you.


Father complains of having been busy since last week.

William set down the empty glass.

Roxie didn't stay in Boston for very long.

Sonja is drinking coffee.

He studied day and night with a view to becoming a lawyer.

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This food is terrible.

Maarten can come over to my house and practice on my piano if he wants to.

The women led the movement to obtain female suffrage.


The police arrested two men and two women.

Randy told us everything.

Sorry, I can't stay for long.

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Ron's trial commenced three days later.

There's nothing like a good hot bath.

Kiki said she would do her homework.

Mahmoud looked terrified.

May I have an application form in Japanese?


Why were you late this morning?

Ami was the coordinator.

A horse is an animal.

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Does your wife have a passport?

It was me who killed Teriann.

I can't hold it.

I made sure no one was following me.

You're as beautiful as ever.

I guess it's too late to do that now.

It took an hour.

Am I handsome or not?

We're not really sure.

You've hurt me a lot.

What's the go?

I'll try to remember that.

My computer is hung up.

Miami is the largest city in Florida.

Clara asked me to go with Vicky.

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The older girl helped set the table.

My wallet was stolen in the cloak room.

It's been nice talking to you, but I really must go now.


The boat hugged the shore.

Can I have a room of my own?

Wade needs to answer the question.


Children are liable to catch cold.


What do you make of him?

The news moved him deeply.

Herve and Kari were friends in high school and started dating a few years after graduating.

This car prototype is dangerously unreliable.

Can't we break it?

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I got acquainted with him last night.


This might not be a genuine diamond.


Clara is watching a movie.

I'm sorry I even tried.

I must go to the station at once.

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Elizabeth said he didn't want to eat anything.


There's no room for us to sit down.


Tait will not do it.


That's a question that only Patrick can answer.

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Dewey fidgeted uncomfortably.

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You must turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you speak.

There is a coffee shop over there.

I need to get them home.

You should be in jail.

We have a holiday today.