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What was the final score of the game?

Kyung walked quietly.

No one believed what you said.


Maria reached for the door.

I guess that would be all right.

Generally speaking, women live longer than men by almost ten years.

This old car is yours if you want it.

I revised my theory.

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The mother fed the newborn colt.

It's great to see Rolfe having fun again.

During centuries of space exploration, there were strange, unexplained anomalies that were linked to possible nonhuman sentient life.

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Omar, tell me your email.

"Where's Maurice?" "He's playing tennis with Eva."

Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything.


Some children learn languages easily and others with difficulty.

That captain handles his troops well.

Why did you fry two sausages only?

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We have nothing else.

Meg has a knack for languages.

Spending time with friends on the beach is fun.

My business address is 465 Fifth Avenue.

I hear we're having a fire drill today.


We haven't yet decided where we'll go tomorrow.

Vicky never finished high school.

I found it difficult to put it into practice.

Mara knows that he was wrong.

He began to talk to the dog.

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The gossip spread around the school like wildfire.

My gloves are size medium.

He's looking for a suitable job.

I'll be disappointed.

That could be significant.

She will not budge an inch no matter what anyone says.

I make up my mind to do the work however hard it might be.

Are seats available?

A model must have an attractive body.


We should make it if the traffic isn't too heavy.

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The level of the lake dropped.

The interview is in German and I can't understand a word of it.

You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.

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As much as 90 percent of happiness comes from elements such as attitude, life control and relationships.

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We're with the CIA.

My daughter has taken up doll collecting.

The water became muddy because of the rain.

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With your connections, you should be able to find a job for Novo.

Try to hold it together.

I went to school yesterday.


You must stop smoking.

Those who are present are all Japanese.

I've always had complete confidence in your judgment.

Yes, I will be able to forget my busy work and relax.

Are there any students from Korea in your class?


I'm glad.

You deserve more.

He visited Mauritania ten years ago.


My father loves us.

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Greece is one of the countries I would most like to visit.

You could invite me.

He can play tennis.

Vinod has good communications skills.

Bobby doesn't look happy.

It will churn out only goodness in the long run.

I painted the roof light blue.

You should get checked by a doctor.

They aren't related.

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As part of my application to art school, here is my portfolio.


Whether we grew up in a Christian home, regardless of denomination, we used to bless and curse, salt water and fresh water coming from the same mouth.


What are your thoughts about Japan's economy?

You had a radio.

I'll go with Raghu and Dick.

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I think I know him.

They're great kids.

I want you to admit you were wrong.

Why didn't you just tell Irwin the truth?

I got hurt during an experiment, and the injury was pretty serious.

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You should wash your hands before each meal.

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I made sure of that.

Most people like chicken.

Let's keep moving.


If mass curves space, then very large masses moving quickly through space would create ripples in space. These are called gravitational waves.

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Brender is very conceited.

I heard that a Perfume song is used in Cars 2.

It was a simple matter.

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I have lots of ideas.

You're so rude.

I'm not provoking their daughters.

The secretary proved to be a spy.

She said that I should quit smoking.

We live in the neighborhood of the school.

I finally overcame my shyness and asked him out on a date.

Marcel was questioned by the police about what had happened.

I didn't see you coming.

The dinner was so good!

They didn't hear the children.


That is the girl who waited on me in the shop yesterday.


I'm listening to a Harry Potter audio book with the Walkman I just bought.

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I don't see anything wrong with this.

We managed to swim across the river.

His sister can't talk to you today.

It isn't at all clear.

I'm going to sleep on it.

I want to have a look around.

Saul couldn't even answer the simple questions.

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They searched for the girl.

Care has made her look ten years older.

Stu entered the password.

Were you with Ron that night?

The soldier lay dying.

Let's give that a try.

She called him every bad name she knew.


I asked you if you wanted some help.

At the end, the conscientious girl gave up with her English homework, and started to revise her list of Ainu words.

You're excused.

I'm expecting a call from you.

Look what you did.


I no longer want to hurt anyone.

Nathaniel instinctively backed away.

I'll leave when she comes back.

Don't play around on your way home.

He lives in a huge house.

Where's the list?

You have to buy something.

I thought it was possible.

Are all of them ready?

We are closing the store.

In this parking place, the trailer would bump into the roof.

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My family are all well.

We had a slow day.

What will come?

Knut rushed to her aid.

Both Randall and Malus looked upset and disappointed.

Jakob isn't as strong as before.

She can't have done such a thing.

I was terribly offended.

When we had a cooperative Congress, we got a whole lot more done. So far, a lot of Republicans in Congress have been unwilling to act on these agenda items that I just mentioned.

I can't open it!

You can rely upon his being punctual.

I was sorry to hear about Audrey.

Love, Jon.

All right, listen carefully.

The cold wind is blowing from the sea.

Victor and Kelvin pretend to be married.

I rarely remember my dreams.

Claire is doing that.

The woman he married is very beautiful.

It's customary for waiters and waitresses to introduce themselves using only their first names.

It's bound to happen sooner or later.


I want to see what there is inside.


Oliver said you were good-looking.

I think you're lying.

I'll be in Morocco for the next seven years.


That's because the bubble vanished into thin air.


As he grew up, he learned to put things in perspective.

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.

I have come back.

I asked for one.

The enemy suffered many casualties.

Ruppy is a bioluminescent dog that glows red.

We want you.


He has just over thirty years.

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He is having lunch now.