I like Dawson and Spencer a lot.

Don't count on Naresh to help you.

How can you concentrate?


This is a dead-end street.


You think you don't work when you watch TV. Pweh!


Warren was always available when you needed him.


The bathroom is dirty.

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We now work together.

Most of the people I chat with on WhatsApp are not from Brazil.

How kind you are!

Don't talk like that.

The truth is I'm a man in a man's body.

The Congressmen rammed the bill through committee.

Where are you going, Rees?


Do you like to drive?

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I think Obama will win. It'll be a walkover!

Listen! She is going to explain that rule again.

It's time to wake up, dear.

The two of them struck up a friendship very quickly.

This is a message for Janet.


Irvin had a hard time finding work.

We made brochures at small cost.

Andrea and Philip were besties in primary school and started dating in high school.

Shall we go to the cinema?

Shutoku painted the window sills white.


That is a boat.


Hirofumi was arrested for driving while drunk.

I was watching Jeany.

Cris guessed right.

Margot's parents were missionaries in Africa.

I told you you had to pay attention to your legs and feet.


As a matter of fact, you are absolutely right.


I'm pretty sure that I haven't done anything wrong.

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Did you see them?

Leigh tried the shirt on, but it wouldn't fit him.

The colony of Haiti declared its independence in 1804.

I almost didn't come.

Elias plays the xylophone better than Konstantinos does.


You sound mad.

The Swiss are not Swedes.

I've kind of gotten used to living in a tent.


If it's all right with you, I'd like to stay for a while longer.

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I'm not feeling very well.

Where is he practicing?

"Say, you, the lady over there." "Eh?" "Could you give me a bit of advice?"

The trains are running in this snow.

Sho is a horrible driver.

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I don't shave my legs.

You'd better prepare Malaclypse for the news.

My French isn't very good.

Serdar has denied the allegation.

It's completely dark.


He started to study in earnest.


She had planted roses before he came.


Miriamne ate the whole pizza by himself.

Giles attended the forum.

Elric doesn't have enough money.

Here's the good one.

I am attracted to a certain boy in my class.


There is man's best friend!


Dan's condition grew worse and he was sent to the hospital.

We can't let them kill them.

Jimmy decided to postpone the meeting.

This is something that Alvin needs to do.

It's a pity you didn't tell somebody sooner.

I'll get rid of her.

It doesn't have to be that way for Leora.

The ATM has swallowed my debit card.

He gave me quite a start.


I am afraid it will rain in the afternoon.

How about going to the movies on Saturday?

Your allotment is $20.


Trying creeps me out.

The regional council is dominated by the left wing.

My surname is Zhou.

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You remember that, don't you?


Stan asked Jorge to get some glasses from the kitchen.


Please tell me how to start the engine.

I was in a coma for three years.

We don't have a chance.


At the ethics committee, a temporary halt to cloning experiments was decided.


Well, that changes everything.

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Spudboy will be working at home.

It never occurred to me that this might happen.

Don't make fun of me. I'm serious.

What has become of the book I put here yesterday?

The party was a great success.

Do you still have a headache?

How's Lanzarote?

I just found an old diary.

I talk with Novorolsky and Debi all the time.

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Do you eat breakfast at home?

Ross filled both glasses with wine.

It's across the street.

If we'd been on that plane, we'd be dead now.

Winnie followed us here.


Why do you have to be like that?


Ramon has a little mustache.

I don't think that's possible.

I think it's time we found out more about Dani.

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I also want to know!

I've been a ski instructor for three years.

How I'd like to be with you!

Did anybody ask Miriamne why he did it?

Actually, it makes perfect sense.

My favourite colour is orange.

You don't need to worry about it.

Thank you for saving us.

We need to work as a team.


Near the street Anthony drank water-chestnut juice from a bottle.

Where do Ricardo and Vicky live?

Mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.

She watched the grass turn green.

He's a farmer.

I got no answer.

Anita, would you hate being called cute?


You are big.

This is bulky, so I'll send it by home delivery.

Wilmer lived in Boston, right?

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The teachers are playing games with students in the kindergarden.

What did the doctor say?

Dan is a linguist and a translator.

I've never cared for Mexican food.

Jem went into the room first.

I'll go and get you some.

Did you lie to your parents?

This screwdriver is too small to be any use.

You really think so, don't you?

It seems that many people don't know the difference between "it's" and "its".

Dan has a talent for music.

Bright picture.

Everest is the highest mountain in the world.


If the ruling class could profit from people who are okay with themselves, they would have a lot more money.


He drowned in the river.

My dad keeps on telling bad jokes like: "Are you fed up of going to Fedup's?".

I beg of you to listen carefully.

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Emotional blackmail is an immoral way of getting people to do what you want them to.


We have to set up the Republic of common sense.

I spoke to Sylvan this morning.

"Do you have some fish?" "Yes, I do."


He left cost out of account.

They seemed grateful.

But while I am here, do you think you could replace the batteries?

It might be worth investigating.

The price of oranges has come down.

I just wanted to see if you knew.

He went home while it was still light.

What do you want to do about it?

After eleven seconds they can cross the street.

How can we go to the beach without beach beds?

He's going to regret this.

The inverse of a non-square matrix is a dangerous thing.

Srinivasan liked beautiful women. He also liked expensive wine and fast sports cars.

In the sea, there are as many fish as you like.

She's the manager.

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Danny never says thank you.