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That's the car I told you about.

That's the only residential building in Boston that's been torn down recently.

Marilyn has a nasty cut on his cheek.

It's a great conversation starter.

Every precaution has been taken.

Do you want some aspirin?

When Alexander the Great addressed him with greetings, and asked if he wanted anything, Diogenes replied "Yes, stand a little out of my sunshine."

We're about three kilometers off shore.

I need a new wardrobe.

He is scheduled to come up to Tokyo tomorrow.

Tell Rafik we're ready to go.

Which color do you prefer, blue or green?

Brett looked very upset.

Do dolphins really sleep with one eye open?

I came to see Sergio.

The British acted too late.

You are the man I've been looking for.

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Walt showed his credentials.

Masaru doesn't care for this color.

Alice is wearing a sweet-smelling perfume.

This bus will take you to the village.

Takao is a brilliant diagnostician.

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This project is shovel-ready.

Can you deliver it to my house?

A polyglot is someone who can read upside-down.

What caused the power failure?

It's obvious why you have a stomachache.

Vinod needs a doctor.

His shoes are wearing thin.

I am an earthquake.

The children were delighted to see their grandparents whom they had not seen for quite a long time.

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"Did you get that?" "No, not at all."


Hein is a very good swimmer.

Bernie was escorted out of the hospital.

John has a fine sense of art.


Are you speaking to me?

Teruyuki opened the gate for Rolfe.

Rodney nearly had a heart attack when he saw Winnie standing on the edge of the roof.

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What do you think that meant?


The boy repeats everything we say like a parrot.


Kyung really was a kind man.


You seem kind of quiet today.

Don't give them my number.

I am a Muslim.


What else does Jean want?

I just want her to feel well.

Cristi was obviously pleased to see Henry.

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What's your favorite yoga pose?

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I decided to tell him that I love him.

I don't think I should tell you.

You broke your promises.

I knew I could trust him.

Ofer is an excellent cricket player.


I'm very happy with the result.

We have five days to go before the summer vacation.

You can't yell at them.

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I've been on the road since 2:30 this morning.

Tommy turned his bowl upside down.

He does not even deserve to have the sun shine on him.


We haven't seen much of Heinz since Jean committed suicide.


This wasn't an easy decision for us.

Claude is going to get killed.

When do you expect the next train?

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The impending examination loomed large in her mind.

I'm sorry my pronunciation isn't very good.

The river invaded the whole region.

He was poisoned by the globefish he ate.

I think Alex didn't understand.


She always destroys my mood with her caustic remarks.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

After hours of walking, they stopped to pray in a church.


Put the car in low to climb the hill.


They did not feel like playing any more.

I'm very tired and want to go to bed early.

You may come if you like.

It's a pity you can't come.

Pilar changed into a very nice dress.

He was working at the office yesterday evening.

The alien is postbiological and is really an advanced machine.

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Emil is always complaining about his job.

I heard Jill play the piano.

She began piano lessons when she was six years old.


What's goin on, bro?


We're on our way to Boston.

Sharada says he doesn't mind.

All of you speak French, right?

Sergei remained silent for a long time.

Would you come down from there?

It's looking like a treadmill kind of day.

My friend shook his head as much as to say "impossible".

The holidays aren't over yet.

I wanted to be Meeks.

What's the hold up?

You'd better knuckle down to work.

Could I talk to the two of you alone?

He is always throwing his weight around.


She assigned him to the job.

She is swimming in the river.

When they're happy, we're happy.


Don't ever give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.


Do you still think Reiner and Boyce shouldn't get married?

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I wrote to Mr. Wood last week and asked him to give you a job on the farm.

He headed out to the country.

Can we talk about the wedding?

The clan system is a key component of traditional Chinese culture.

Nylon stockings often run.

I don't understand a word of what Shankar is saying.

We don't want them to leave.

I demand a refund.

What is that huge building?

You'll find yourself in a miserable situation.

If I were you, I'd ask him.

Rathnakumar enjoyed it.

After that, I don't remember anything.

Unless I am mistaken, I've seen that man before.

Would you teach me how to do that?

Norma is a typical Canadian man.

Marie confessed to murdering Kristen and Jerry.

Ask Margie where he parked his car.

Raj lives in an imaginary world.

This is a refreshing change of pace.

He is rather an active person.

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Few people, if any, could survive a nuclear war.

The pilot bailed out before the plane crashed.

The girl playing the piano is my sister.

Why are you hiding behind the door?

Laurent and Hiroyuki never see each other nowadays.

You are laying in the bed.

If she hadn't made waves about it, she never would have got her money back.


Alice has had a cold since last Sunday.

Although she wants to buy a vehicle, there is no margin to buy.

It simply doesn't add up.

Meehan took out his wallet and paid the bill.

How many years have you two been married?

Can it be that a white horse is not a horse?

Tao speaks French fairly well.

I like the silhouette these clothes give me.

Be kind to others!

The well has run dry.

I know that Hans went to Harvard.

I have been warned against going there.

It will be a long time before he has fully recovered.


When was the last time Teri stayed overnight at your place?


This work must be finished within two years.


I am afraid.

There's a chance Srivatsan is in trouble.

Isn't that what you were hoping for?

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Jussi will be prepared for it.

I just told Margot that I wanted him to help clean the garage.

We had to put off the meeting because of the traffic accident.

Please, I ask that you stay calm.

The man standing over there is the owner of the store.

It's too depressing.

There is not a store near my house.

He went to Brazil and stayed there.

You can speak English well, can you not?


I've been living on potato chips for more than three years.

She always gets up at six.

You are even more beautiful than I remember.


Bert didn't wear a suit.


I'm sure Tuan will succeed.

Don't leave them here.

I know it's not Cathryn's fault.