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“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams


Having been a hobby photographer from the time I was young, it was something that always called to me. Seeing my dad's books with masters like Ansel Adams  and Jerry Uelsmann made me want to strive for something great. The problem is, when you're 10 years old and every roll of film you develop costs $10.00, you don't do a lot of practicing, or at least not a lot of  film developing!

I have worked as a Photoshop instructor, as Creative Director for a boutique advertising agency in Wisconsin, and for over 18 years as an editor and retoucher for other photographers. A few years ago, I decided that I'd had enough of being limited to other people's vision, so I turned my life long hobby into my full time profession. This perfectly compliments the design and graphics work I do, as I rarely need to purchase stock photography anymore.


I am the only professional photographer that I know who does not shoot weddings. Sorry, it just isn't going to happen.


A few years ago, my wonderful wife Michelle and I decided to move to Alpena, Michigan. where we currently live on the shore of Lake Huron with our Newfoundland / Black Lab mix boys,

Bodhi and Bear.



I offer a full range of photographic, design and editing services, with the exception of photographing weddings. I am happy to do color correction and editing on existing photos, as well as restorations and compositing.

Please note that, although I am happy to provide editing services, I'm only able to perform corrections or edits on photos that are not copyrighted, unless you obtain written permission from the owner.


Removal of watermark or copyright notices from other photographers work is strictly prohibited by law.


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How can I help you?
I'd love to know how I can help with your project. Please make sure you provide a brief summary letting me know the kind of project, time frame, desired locations, and any other requirements. All jobs require a minimum 30% deposit at the time of booking. While I am still willing to do occasional pro bono work for worthwhile causes and situations, please understand that those jobs have to fit in with my schedule, and any expenses at all (travel, lodging, permits, printing, etc.) must still be covered.

I do not accept sales solicitations in any form through this site. Given a recent increase in companies sending me spam from my own email address, I'm starting a new service. I will be putting my marketing skills to use.

Communications from companies or individuals who send me emails offering goods or services shall be considered a request for a review of marketing material and, by transmission of their request, agree to pay me a non-refundable consultation fee of $1,000.00 U.S. per occurrence. 

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My blog is entitled "Barbarian at the Gate: The Phildonian Perspective."


The content is as unpredictible in its frequency as it is in its theme. Sometimes humorous, sometimes though provoking, sometimes controversial, it is my personal method of poking the bear with a stick. More often than not, it is simply an inexpensive alternative to therapy.

Although I always post a caution regarding language or subject matter, readers who are easily offended or pride themselves on being politically correct may wish to avoid visiting. I have a somewhat dark sense of humor, and find something to laugh at in what may often be deemed inappropriate subjects.


But hey, if we can't learn to laugh, then we're in for a long unpleasant journey.


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