I heard you won. Congratulations!

We also write Chinese characters very well.


I am accustomed to working hard.

She's in desperate need of money.

Even when the facts demonstrated the opposite, he maintained he hadn't stolen it.

Would you please make it for me?

Students often find it very difficult to understand a lecture in a foreign language.

I'm not going to buy that.

I love reading the messages hidden inside fortune cookies.

The idiots are always yelling at each other for stupid reasons.

I was about to leave without you.

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He caught her by the hair.

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I have a big favor to ask.

What would you like for breakfast?

Language is the vehicle of thought.

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To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

It was too soft.

This is a story written in English.

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Shirley really loves his country.


We must treasure nature more.

Did you really bake the pie by yourself?

It should be a challenge.


Astonishment deprived me of speech.

I need to know that Jiri will be safe.

He doesn't always translate the real answer.

I've never noticed that.

He's a lawyer.


I'll pay the price for what I believe in.


The paraglider landed in the tree.


Tiefenthal doesn't really want me to come.

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Even if I was interested, I don't have the time.

They're a good baseball team.

Dwayne now understands what has happened.


The author of the book is called Kitto.


Alf broke his promise.

Has this thing appeared again tonight?

Kusum had never seen Micky so busy.

In 1492 Antonio de Nebrija said that language is the handmaiden of empire.

"I'm so glad you got rid of him." "Me too."

He isn't worthy to take the lead.

Tell them about it.


If you ask me, she's a little unusual.


Where's the rest of the money?

I thought you said you weren't coming.

Dan rented that car from London.

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You should go hang out with your friends.


Kriton was asked to the party.

I'm not racist, but...

I will get even with you some day. Remember it.

Dawn is spirited, isn't he?

If anything is sacred the human body is sacred.

I assume this is due to the fact that Hwa is a minor.

The firemen were prevented from reaching the woman trapped in her house, because of the huge pile of junk she had accumulated over many years.

Dustin was accepted into Harvard.

Plenty of people were waiting for the bus.

Why aren't you doing your homework?

What is a presentation?

The famous conductor lives in New York.

We need to know more about her.

Let's hope they don't even think about it.

Shamim hates parents who don't control their bratty children.

You can see the island in the distance.

This is the first time I've ever walked with a stick.

One can say that Lucifer is a professional criminal.

Every situation requires individual analysis.


Why do you think she came to see you?

His nationality counted against him.

Can you cook a meal?

Thanks a lot and many regards to you all.

I met up with her on the street.

Have you ever been to Turkey?

Cherish this moment.

Apples are red or green.

Why did you bring me here?

Be careful. It's a fierce bull.

Better to die standing than to live on your knees.

The dressmaker took Stanley's measurements.

The river carries a huge volume of water.

He is hurt badly and is unconscious; that is, he can't think, speak, or hear.

You have to come with me right away.

Robert's imaginative.

We won't be able to evade punishment this time.

I'll do it with pleasure.

Leora almost never buys chocolate bars.


I have a possible explanation for that.

Sometimes even small mistakes can lead to big accidents.

What are you going to do with it anyway?

Marriage is a serious matter.

Hey! I don't want any crank calls - not at this hour.


I need more medicine.

Young and old went to battle.

Rajeev added her husband's name to hers.


Nobody tried to help him.

Give her the gun.

He engaged to pay the bill as soon as possible.

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I'm not a bit surprised.

It's hard to be a woman. One must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a girl, and work like a horse.

That is not possible.

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Can it be that simple?

We waited in the park for a long time.

You can watch TV after supper.

I like to get things done early.

Do you want to study with me?


We found out their plot before they took their actions.


I'll fix a drink.


Well, then, if you want me to I'll do it.

Being at the office at such a weather is a real torture.

There was no way to avoid what happened.

Jon acted like a perfect gentleman.

Every morning I make it a rule to watch the English course on TV.

How long has Fred been married?

Ken was an addict.

Please say something, Andries.

Everything that has meaning can be called language.

He has corporal's stripes.

Have you seen Les's TV show, "Bucky and Friends"?


It should be a little easier next time.

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Her eyes lit up.


Our ways differ.


You said I'd be safe here.

How much do you charge for cleaning a wool dress?

I had no difficulty in finding his house.

You're not a city girl, are you?

She had hardly begun to read the book before someone knocked at the door.


One of my parents has to go to the meeting.


We'll need it.


Janet touched the hot stove and burned his hand.


It's scary down here.


He snored loudly while he slept.

I'm taking a bath.

His head nodded, and he snored gently.

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I can't believe how irresponsible you are.

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We can run away from everything, except from our conscience.

If it gets dangerous, give me a call.

There isn't anyone here but us.

You can't tell anybody what I just told you.

She allowed that my offer was reasonable.

Sanford is confused about what just happened.

We've done everything we can do.

His last play was a great success.

He's sexy and intelligent.


Panacea can't find Clem.

It is fortunate that you have such parents.

I want to see this movie.

Is there anything to drink in the refrigerator?

You know, I like how you talk.

Joanne said he heard Kemal's voice.

He knows neither me, nor you.

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Now the ball is in your court!

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Angus is here to assist us.

We have to get Carol out of here.

I've got a feeling Corey might be right.

I need to stay here with you.

I really needed to go.


Let's get crazy.

Tanaka likes carrots.

I can't believe we're here.

This can't be what I think it is.

We're forever in your debt.