Stephe was the one who suggested that we raise prices.

That sucks.

Is that from Glynn?

I don't agree with Ozan on much.

They got back in the car.

This egg is fresh.

Japanese automakers are investing heavily in new plant and equipment.

The employees treat everything the company president says as a golden rule.


He's also a salesman.

I expect that to continue.

What was she doing in her room?

Don't take that tone of voice with me.

Dory and Jarl and their children all live together in a small house on the outskirts of Boston.


I'd like to stay as long as possible.

Why didn't you tell me you were lactose intolerant?

Don't you think I'm pretty?

I must help my mother.

Aren't you interested?

I spend a lot of time hanging out with Jinny.

Israel has been a naughty boy.

Her husband never found out.

Many consider seven to be a lucky number.


Ahmed wondered whether Eli would like the gift he bought her.


Not all criminals should go to jail.

Is Dominick running away?

I don't want to wear a wig.

I feel we shall win.

Anybody with at least a two-digit IQ knows this was a politically biased choice.

How long have you known them?

He lacks common sense.

Brazil suffered a reality check when they played Germany.

Oh stop, that tickles!


I can't help but laugh when I think about that.

His way of speaking intrigues me.

Don't be a backseat driver.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The suspect remains at large.

Nobody cares what happens to Glen.

Marcos has been very secretive recently.


Is there anything you want me to do?

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The spirit of the treaty was ignored.

I'm sure this information can be conveyed in writing.

Look at the girl with the long hair.

They stopped their game and stared at me.

I don't think I will get through all this work this afternoon.

I had met him once before.

Harris wrote carefully.

Why doesn't anybody help her?

We have a 20% share of the market.

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Duke named her dog Rex.


He's a fine young man.

Are you interested in foreign languages?

Miki says this is what he really needs.


Father roared at me in anger.

She maintains her innocence.

The president left Washington in early September.

Nicolette has been sick in bed for three weeks.

Glynn turned over.

Seeing these islands from the airplane, we thought that they were really beautiful.

Jun treated me badly.


Alexander isn't speaking to me anymore.

Would you join me for lunch?

Loren doesn't allow Mike to go out much.

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He went so far as to hit her.


You'll never see that again.


You always have to be different.

Angus will be really pleased to see you.

Do you think Juan was telling the truth?

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Ramon wants my telephone number.

This is Sarah's grave.

Izchak is asking us to help him.

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Come and have tea with me.

The audience buzzed with excitement.

What's next on the schedule?

How about taking a walk with us?

Spencer was very pretty.


You're the tallest one.

Brender is taller than any of the other kids in his class.

I think most people are better off now than they used to be.


We want to go to the beach in his car on Saturday.

Actually, Maria is a modern young woman, however, she is as superstitious as my grandmother.

Belinda was out of it.

I escaped from the detention center.

You live in a fantasy world.

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I jog almost every day.

The telephone is a means of communication.

Where can I buy bricks?

I'm still trying.

Kathleen is coming upstairs.

I have never been to England.

Wilson knows all the answers.

You may proceed.

Scott is wearing the same clothes as he was yesterday.


I suppose I'll get used to this eventually.

We just got married, and this is our honeymoon.

Above all, fame means dying at the right time.

I'll be back for my suitcases later.

I told her what to do.

I'm waiting for a letter from Sugih.

Mr Ichiro Fukuoka, a close friend of mine, would very much like to meet you.


We're a couple.


She studied hard lest she should fail her exam.

He watched the horse race using his binoculars.

Accidents happen every day in this sport.

The radar was jammed.

An old man entered the old church with his elder son, his younger daughter and her little baby.

I was waiting for someone to say that.

Is it dangerous when a melanoma has spread?

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I think they're wrong.

Go away. I was here first.

I think there's something wrong here.

Anybody who shows up late has to chug!

Cindie followed Angela inside.

This sounds like French.

Erik was only gone for fifteen minutes.


Our teacher used to say "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" before laying into us with a cane.


The plane began to descend.

You really hit the jackpot with this guy!

You should go in there.

I've invited Pascal to dinner.

An accident prohibited his attending the ceremony.

Ken made Srivatsan an offer he couldn't refuse.

This photograph always reminds me of my father.

I thought Ernie had agreed to do the job.

Go get Mahmoud a blanket.


I want to be more dominant.

Never forget to lock the door.

Yes, bring me gruel.

She mixed him up with someone else.

Get ready! Tomorrow is the last day.

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Lemon is a sour fruit.

It is not always best to predict the future.

I don't believe we have enough time.

You make me puke.

This interview has been cueing her up for a run in the next election.

It was dark green.

Are we really going to Boston next week?

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The extension of the summer vacation delighted the children.

They were not pleased.

Why didn't you just pay her?

I'm going to Boston next week.

Give it back to me!


Please don't ask me about her.

During the final against Italy, Zidane received a red card for head-butting Materazzi.

My little sister goes to nursery school.

He's daring, that guy!

Kate, take a seat.


Jackye is taller than any other boy in his class.

Kristen has a bad headache.

Rafael made fun of the way I talk.

I am pulling my own hair!

We've been married for three years now.

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I will go out when I have finished this work.


What's her occupation?

I hope you had a nice trip.

We sometimes go for a drive.

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It's still being tested.

Nobody wants to be poor in my country.

The accused was found not guilty.

I'm scared Kevan isn't going to like me.

He has been confined to his bed with illness.

She kept an all-night vigil over her sick child.

Miek is a strapping young man.

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Never try to be someone else, there is no better than you.

Why do you want to buy it for him?

They already did that.